Paris, a city with an international profile
International solidarity

International solidarity

Three priorities: taking part in the fight against AIDS in Africa, improving access to drinking water and sanitation in countries which are the most deprived and defending human rights. City Hall shows its solidarity by providing technical and financial aid following natural disasters. It also supports Parisian associations which are present in the field.

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Solidarity, a value based on social responsibility and educa

Paris is convinced that solidarity with the most underprivileged populations in the world its our collective responsibility. To achieve this, it is committed to educational campaigns and to supporting associations in the city.

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Fighting AIDS

More subsidies and commitment: combating the disease in Africa has become our number one priority in terms of international solidarity.

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Emergency aid provided by Paris

Paris also provides financial aid, expertise and logistics as often as possible to countries undergoing emergency situations and crises.

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Migration and co-development

Co-development involves working with migrant workers to help their regions of origin. The City of Paris provides easier access to funding for migrant associations based in the city.

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Defending freedoms

The City of Paris is a worldwide symbol of human rights, individual rights and freedom of the press. This is a privilege but also a responsibility: that of promoting these values where they are scorned.

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Working towards better access to drinking water

Promoting access to water and improving sanitation in deprived countries has been one of the major objectives of the City of Paris since 2005.

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