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International solidarity

Fighting AIDS

Fighting AIDS

More subsidies and commitment: combating the disease in Africa has become our number one priority in terms of international solidarity.

Annual budget devoted to this issue by the local authority

The subsidies granted to the fight against AIDS in Africa have increased each year since 2001, and are now the City's largest for international solidarity. In 2007, the allocated subsidies will total €2.3 million.

These substantial aids from Paris City Hall have brought about the implementation of around twenty programmes in around thirty sites or regions.
They also enable the contribution of other sponsors: total co-funding has reached €16 million in six years.

» Download the brochure "the fight against AIDS in Africa - the City of Paris' 2006 actions" in pdf (in French) (1.5 Mo)

» Download the brochure "the fight against AIDS in Africa - the City of Paris' 2006 actions" in pdf (in English)  (3 Mo)

Backing for programs

Programs are selected with a view to covering all aspects of the fight against AIDS:

- Local prevention and support for regional prevention measures
- Medical treatment
- Psychosocial support
- Prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child
- Child protection against AIDS

Since 2001, Paris City Council has approved more than 23.5 million for the global HIV/AIDS response, mostly for sub-Saharan Africa. Because these sums destined to support NGO and association projects are lifesaving, they form the largest part of the budget dedicated to international solidarity. With the exception of research, production and the supply of medication, the projects selected by the City of Paris since 2008 cover all aspects of the management of the HIV epidemic.

The City of Paris has based its action on the priority objectives set by the international community: access to prevention, care and treatment for all thus accounts for almost 60% of the funds allocated since 2008. The emphasis is placed on innovative projects, both in terms of the methods and the means employed. Since 2008, around 500,000 people have been reached every year by prevention and screening activities and more than 50,000 people living with HIV have benefitted from high quality care.


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