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Emergency aid provided by Paris

Emergency aid provided by Paris

Paris also provides financial aid, expertise and logistics as often as possible to countries undergoing emergency situations and crises.

All year long, the City of Paris expresses the international solidarity of its inhabitants, through initiatives towards developing countries. However, there are also emergency situations in which a rapid response to disasters which strike beyond our borders is vital in a globalised world where countries are increasingly interdependent.

To provide aid to the victims of the tsunami in Asia in December 2004, and to children in particular, the Paris Council voted an exceptional grant of 1 million to the main NGOs and humanitarian associations in the capital. City Hall also worked with the water management company Eau de Paris to send water supplies to the region and to provide expertise to estimate the cost and means of rapidly restoring the supply network.

Emergency aid sent all over the world:

- Earthquake on the island of Java (Indonesia), in May 2006: provision of bare essentials
- Earthquake in Kashmir, in October 2005: provision of tents and bare essentials
- Hurricane Jeanne in Haiti, in September 2004: 100,000 paid out to the Red Cross for the construction of long-term housing
- Hurricane Ivan in Grenada in September 2004: provision of bare essentials
- 10 metric tons of medication sent to Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2003 during the large-scale economic crisis
- Bam, in Iran, destroyed by an earthquake in 2003: aid for reconstruction
- Training trauma specialist surgeons in the Palestinian Territories
- Volcano eruption in Goma, Zaire, in 2002: provision of bare essentials
- Floods in Algiers in 2002, followed by an earthquake one year later
- Earthquake in Arequipa, Peru, in June 2001: aid for the reconstruction of the site

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