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International action & cooperation
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International action & cooperation

Bound by history and culture, Europe, the Mediterranean and the French-speaking world are important partners in Paris' natural arena of cooperation, which can prove to be a laboratory of ideas. City Hall's cooperation initiatives are based on its ability to share its expertise.

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Cooperation with French-speaking countries

Cities in the French-speaking world share not only a language, but also values and projects. Paris is deeply committed to its active role in this living, fertile network focused on real benefits for all its members.

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Parigi Rome

In 1956, Paris and Rome signed an exclusive twinning agreement which marked the start of a special relationship. Fifty years later, the two cities have never been as close.

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Friendship and cooperation agreements

Paris enters into friendship and cooperation agreements based on exchanges to come up with solutions to the major challenges facing large cities. It does so with one goal in mind: to make the lessons learned from these agreements benefit Parisians directly.

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City Networks

As an active member of city networks, Paris has two goals: being available for others, and benefiting from experience gained elsewhere.

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Cooperation with Mediterranean cities

Cooperation with Mediterranean cities has gathered speed over the last few years. Urban development, culture, the environment: ambitious, technical projects developed with different cities.

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Decentralised cooperation initiatives

A tailor-made tool for solidarity between cities, decentralised cooperation enables Paris to share its expertise and skills with other cities around the world.

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The City of Paris offers each year the "Paris Co-dveloppement Sud" label. This request for proposals is open to associations based in Paris whose members are migrants or work regularly with Parisians of foreign origin.

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