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Friendship and cooperation agreements

Friendship and cooperation agreements

Paris enters into friendship and cooperation agreements based on exchanges to come up with solutions to the major challenges facing large cities. It does so with one goal in mind: to make the lessons learned from these agreements benefit Parisians directly.

Friendship and cooperation agreements with other major world cities
Competition between major world cities should not prevent them from sharing their experiences. They are all faced with similar challenges. The aim of friendship and cooperation agreements is to identify projects which could provide both partners with valuable knowledge and improve day-to-day living conditions for their citizens. It is by exchanging information, each partner's response to difficulties, studies and innovations that we will come up with effective solutions for all.
Friendship and cooperation agreements signed by the City of Paris

2006: Montreal
2005: Copenhagen
2004: So Paulo, Rabat, Casablanca, Tunis
2003: Algiers, Quebec
2002: Geneva,
2001: London, Porto Alegre
2000: Washington, Madrid, Athens
1999: Mexico City, Warsaw, Buenos Aires
1998: Lisbon, Sofia, Sydney, Yerevan
1997: Santiago de Chile, Riyadh, Beijing, Prague, Tbilissi, Saint-Petersburg
1996: Chicago, San Francisco
1995: Jakarta
1992: Moscow, Beirut
1991: Seoul
1987: Amman, San'a', Berlin
1985: Cairo
1982: Tokyo
1958: Kyoto1956: Exclusive twinning with Rome

Bicycles, social housing, risk prevention, etc.

Working with Copenhagen on the role of bicycles and soft transport in cities, exchanging with London on the management of social housing, etc. The City of Paris wants each agreement to lead to concrete actions, with tangible benefits for Parisians and the citizens of the partner city. The partnership with the City of Prague on risk prevention bears witness to this drive. After major flooding hit the capital of the Czech Republic in the summer of 2002, it acquired extensive expertise on the issue. Prague has set up a system to alert the population in real time through mobile telephone networks. Paris is working on this system as part of the definition of its flood risk prevention plan, Plan de prvention des risques dinondation (PPRI). Another area of partnership with Prague involves new technologies and heritage conservation.

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