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Decentralised cooperation initiatives

Decentralised cooperation initiatives

A tailor-made tool for solidarity between cities, decentralised cooperation enables Paris to share its expertise and skills with other cities around the world.

Decentralised cooperation: a priority

The purpose of decentralised cooperation is to give a framework, predefined with the State, to partnerships which are signed between cities to achieve a project or major work. Rapidly developing, these partnerships are a way of improving reciprocal knowledge, exchanging experience, and particularly creating strong ties.

Contributing expertise

The major goal of these partnerships is to contribute technical and human support in order to further the development of deprived countries. In reality, this means that Paris strives to react to the needs and concerns of other cities by offering its expertise in terms of managing local public services, urban development, water and sanitation. This expertise is provided through assistance to contracting authorities and training.
Such operations are above all exchanges. Decentralised cooperation is a window to other practices, other realities. It enables cities to compare and assess methods.

Sending human and financial means

This is the case, for example, of the cooperation initiative entered into with Phnom Penh. The capital of Cambodia is undergoing rapid demographic, economic and urban development.

The issue of managing traffic, journeys and the development of public spaces is crucial in Phnom Penh today. The two cities have been working together for around fifteen years and in 2005-2006 successfully completed a project providing Phnom Penh City Hall, through training and initiatives, with the tools and qualified staff to improve the management of traffic flows in the city centre.
This project was supported by the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The City of Paris undertook a cooperation project in 2004 with Rio de Janeiro City Hall. The project to regenerate the city centre, targeting the So Cristovo district in particular, was completed with the cooperation of the Federal economic bank -CAIXA-, the Brazilian Ministry for cities and the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Decentralised cooperation projects may involve several financial partners: the State, and also local authorities, French or otherwise, and the European Union.

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