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Cooperation with Mediterranean cities

Cooperation with Mediterranean cities

Cooperation with Mediterranean cities has gathered speed over the last few years. Urban development, culture, the environment: ambitious, technical projects developed with different cities.

Close ties with Mediterranean capitals

Parks and gardens

In Algiers (Algeria), the City of Paris has very actively taken part in the rehabilitation of the experimental botanical garden, one of the oldest botanical gardens in Africa and certainly the most important given its rich collections. It was closed to the public and abandoned. Curators, landscape architects and engineers of the City of Paris have helped to implement long-term solutions in terms of management, monitoring, and protection of specimens in order to re-open the site. The experimental botanical garden in Rabat (Morocco) also underwent a significant rehabilitation programme over the period 2005-2007. Tunis (Tunisia) also obtained assistance from Paris on the management and reorganisation of its parks and gardens, as with the pilot site of the Jardin de la Méditerranée.

Environment and urban planning

Two environmental projects are under way in Algiers: creating a "cleanliness school", which will train supervisors in the Willaya (region) on waste collection and treatment, and raising inhabitants' awareness of the selective sorting of waste. Refuse collection is also at the heart of the cooperation agreement with Rabat and Paris is working with Casablanca (Morocco) on the issues of urban development and heritage restoration.

With close ties through a friendship and cooperation agreement since 1985, Paris City Hall and the Governorate of Cairo decided in 2002 to give their cooperation new impetus, by developing exchanges between the two authorities and relations between their cities' inhabitants. With the support of the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Centre français pour la Culture et la Coopération in Cairo, the two cities have undertaken a comprehensive programme to restore a district in the historical centre of Cairo, Sayeda Zeinab, in an urban perspective.


Paris also takes part in the "Euromed" working group of the Eurocities organisation. The group aims to raise European institutions' awareness of the need for both technical and financial partnerships between cities on both banks of the Mediterranean sea.

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