Paris, a city with an international profile
Cultural exchanges

Cultural exchanges

Paris has inspired the greatest artists. Many programmes are conducted with over forty capitals and major foreign cities so that it remains an open capital of culture, where creators from all over the world meet, share and produce their work. The aim is to enable the Parisian artistic scene to be exported abroad. Artist residency programmes, foreign spotlights and several international projects are the result.

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Welcoming foreign cultures in Paris

Paris is a vibrant multicultural capital which hosts an increasing number of international events and where foreign artists meet to display their work and to exchange ideas with Parisian counterparts.

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Parisian artists abroad

The City of Paris strives to promote artistic events and municipal cultural institutions, raise the profile of Parisian creators abroad and foster exchanges with major world cities.

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Promoting our young talented artists abroad and remaining a natural meeting place for international creators… vibrant artist residency programmes boost culture in Paris.

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