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How to access the Wi-Fi free of charge in Paris

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More than 260 public places in Paris (gardens, libraries, town halls, etc.) have free Wi-Fi access. Find out how to use this service provided by the City of Paris.

Wi-Fi is available to everyone in over 260 public places in Paris . Parks, gardens, district town halls, libraries and museums in the City of Paris have this facility.


 How do I connect to Paris Wi-Fi?
1. Buildings and parks equipped with Wi-Fi access points will be clearly signposted.
Look out for the Paris-Wifi logo, which lets you know when you are in a Paris Wi-Fi zone.

Wi-fi gratuit pour tous ! 

Find the Paris Wi-Fi sign with the Paris Wi-Fi logo. This means that you are in a Paris Wi-Fi zone.


Map of Wi-fi locations


Afficher Paris Wifi (mise à jour : avril 2013) sur une carte plus grande



2. Turn on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and select the network PARIS_WI-FI_ (this wifi name will generally be followed by a number, identifying the specific wifi point to which you are connecting).


3. Open your usual web browser and enter any website address. You will automatically be redirected to the Paris Wi-Fi access portal. When this welcome page has loaded, fill in your details and tick the box to accept the conditions of use. Then click ‘CONNECT’ / ‘ME CONNECTER’


4. You can now surf the web, send and receive emails etc.
This service is free.

Remember: each session lasts 2 hours. Once this time expires you can reconnect as soon as you like, by repeating the connection process described above.


Don’t forget to charge your computer! The Paris Wi-Fi service does not include a power supply. The Paris Wi-Fi network is accessible during the opening hours of all municipal facilities with a connection point. At closing time, please follow the instructions of our park/museum/municipal staff.

 All about Paris Wi-Fi (in French)  


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