Cultural highlights
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Cultural highlights

An exhibition at the Maison Europenne de la Photographie, a jazz concert at the New Morning, a vintage film at the Cinmathque or an evening out with friends at a music hall are only a few of the countless cultural attractions you will find here. Click below for more about the highlights that will make your trip here an enriching as well as memorable experience.

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Made-in-Paris musicals, one-man shows, and other eminently entertaining options in the Palais des Congrs, Olympia, Casino de Paris and other world-class venues.

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Music halls and cabarets

You cant find a better setting for a tte--tte evening out or dinner with friends than the City of Lights cabarets and music halls.

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Carmen has sung of her undying love, Nureyev established Russias eminence in ballet history, and von Karajan conducted the finest concerts here.

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Foreign cultural centers

Ikebana, Mexican culture and hot new design from Belgium are three of the many opportunities to explore new cultural horizons here.

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Le Forum des images

These places will dazzle all the film's lovers, as well as the seventh art addicts ...

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Exhibition spaces

Off-mainstream exhibitions, off the beaten track.

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