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Key figures for Paris

Key figures for Paris

The longest street, the highest point, the number of bridges over the Seine, the number of gardens, trees, fountains, taxis... unusual, instructive, breath-taking, surprising, impressive: all the key figures about Paris!

Paris is first and foremost…

2,257,981 inhabitants in 2012. It is also 10,539 hectares: a little piece of France, which covers 54,396,500 hectares (or 543,965 km²), excluding overseas départements and territories
54.74 km radius (including woods)
48°50’ latitude North, 2°20’ longitude
20 arrondissements

13 km of the River Seine

Surface area of the Seine as it flows through Paris: 63 hectares.
Depth: from 3.40 metres at Nationale Bridge to 5.70 metres at Mirabeau Bridge
River speed: approximately 2 km/h.
Temperature: from 5.3° to 24.6°, average: 14.1°.

Widest point in Paris: approximately 200 m (near Grenelle Bridge).
Narrowest point: approximately 30 m (Quai de Montebello, on the small branch of the Seine).
7.6 km of canals flow through Paris.
68 bridges and walkways managed by the Canals Service
37 bridges over the Seine, including 31 road bridges, 4 walkways, 2 exclusively rail bridges and 32 illuminated bridges.

The most densely wooded capital in Europe
478,000 trees, 120 main tree species, 8,000 trees alongside the ring road: Paris is the most densely wooded capital in Europe!
2 woods: Vincennes to the East and Boulogne to the West
852 hectares: surface area of the Bois de Boulogne. 995 hectares: surface area of the Bois de Vincennes
400 parks and gardens
1 ring road
35 km: the length of the ring road.
156 slip roads and 6 interchanges on the ring road.
99 speed cameras

Budget of 8 billion Euros

Total budget for Paris (2013): 8 billion Euros.
51,000 officials working for the authorities, 55 % of them women
60,000 businesses: Paris has the highest rate of local businesses in France

Bicycles, trams, taxis, Autolib’…

22.4 km of tram lines along the boulevards of Les Maréchaux (end of 2012)
1,451 Vélib’ (self-service bicycles) stations and 20,000 bicycles available
110,000 journeys on Vélib bicycles a day
245,000 Vélib subscribers (end of 2012)
30 communes adjoining Paris participating in Vélib’

200 km of cycle paths in Paris
30,000 bicycle parking spaces
1,479 billion journeys on the Paris metro a year (in 2009)
19,500 taxis in circulation

Schools and crèches

172,534 children educated in private and public schools in 2012

159,459 children educated in public and private high schools and secondary schools in 2012

115,000 school children receive school meals every day

31,439: number of community child-care places (crèches, day nurseries, etc.) for children under 3 in 2011

30,000 school children in child-care centres every Wednesday

380 sports facilities

143 gymnasiums and specialised gyms
35 stadiums and 38 swimming pools
172 tennis courts which can be booked online
15 roller parks and skate parks
6 million swimming pool users
2 ice rinks

Infrastructures and amenities

6,100 streets in Paris
13,260 crossroads
3,000 km of pavements
33.7 km of Boulevards des Maréchaux around Paris
4.4 km of Grands Boulevards (between Place de la Madeleine and Place de la Bastille)
9,884 benches, 107 clocks and 1,856 bus shelters
109 Wallace drinking fountains
 2,417 km of sewers
30,000 rubbish bins

And the Paris records!

The longest road: Rue de Vaugirard (6th and 15th): 4.36 km.
The shortest road: Rue Degrés (2nd arrondissement): 5.75 m.
The narrowest: Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche (5th arrondissement): 1.80 m.
The widest: Avenue Foch (16th arrondissement): 120 m.
The steepest: Rue Gasnier-Guy (20th arrondissement): 17.4%.
Lowest point on a public highway: 30.5 m (corner of Rue Leblanc and Rue Saint-Charles, 15th arrondissement).
Highest point: 148.45 m (40, Rue du Télégraphe, 20th arrondissement)

The city of culture
376 cinema screens
940 film shootings a year (2011)
30 million visitors a year to Paris cinemas
134 museums, 143 theatres
242 illuminated sites (hotels, churches, statues, fountains and national buildings)
69 lending libraries and multimedia libraries
3.7 million documents in total  (books, scores, CDs, DVDs and magazines) in 2011
12.6 million loans in 2010

Paris, tourism capital

Most popular tourist destination in the world
28.9 million tourists a year (2011)
60% of foreign clients in hotels, 1/3 of whom are American or British
995 conferences held in Paris in 2011
88.1 million passengers at Paris airports – Orly and Roissy- Charles de Gaulle

More information... the website of the Paris tourism office the tram website the official Vélib website (electronic bicycle rental) the official Autolib’ website (electronic car rental)

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