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Bois de Vincennes

Vue du bois de Vincennes
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A great place to explore on foot, on horseback, or by boat. And a breath of fresh air a stone’s throw east of Paris.  

Practically every Parisian has been here. Families enjoy the attractions for kids at the Parc Floral and the play areas peppered around the woods, cyclists enjoy the 17.5 km of tracks and explorer trails, horse riders enjoy the 19 km of tracks, and joggers enjoy the 32 km of car-free roads. More useful information 

A 15-hectare zoo

Chances are you that your ramble will wind up at the Bois de Vincennes zoo. This zoo spans 15 hectares, and the view of the surrounding woods from its prominent and eminent 65-metre-high “rock” is astonishing. Closed until 2014.

Parc Zoologique de Paris (Zoo de Vincennes) - Closed until 2014
53, avenue de Saint-Maurice
75012 Paris
Tel.: +33(0)1 44 75 20 10
Bus: 46, 86 or 325
Metro: Porte Dorée

The new zoo in 2014

Visite en avant-première du futur zoo de Paris par mairiedeparis



Lac Daumesnil’s quiet waters encircling two islets (Bercy and Reuilly) are perfect for a leisurely, romantic ride – any day of the week, from 9.00 am to nightfall. There are four lakes and a total of 24 hectares of water including Lac de Saint-Mandé (the only natural lake) and Lac de Gravelle, which feeds all the other watercourses and lakes in this wood.

A Buddhist temple

This vestige of the 1931 Colonial Exhibition is only a stone’s throw from Lac Daumesnil, and ceremonies have been held there since 1977.

Also near Avenue de la Belle Gabrielle you will find the former tropical-agronomy gardens, dating back to the 1907 Colonial Exhibition, in the undergrowth. Guided tours on request (enquiries: +33(0)1 40 71 75 60).

Buddhist temple
Tel.: +33(0)1 43 41 54 48

La Cartoucherie’s six theatres

On Route du Champ de Mars – and off the beaten track – you will find Théâtre du Soleil (directed by Ariane Mnouchkine), Théâtre de la Tempête, Théâtre de l'Aquarium, Théâtre du Chaudron, Théâtre de l'Epée de Bois and Carolyn Carlson’s Atelier.

La Cartoucherie theatres 

Foire du Trône

Funfair-thrill-and-chill buffs can’t wait for April and May when the Foire du Trône takes over Pelouse de Reuilly by the Bois de Vincennes’ doorstep. This is France’s largest funfair and features literally hundreds of attractions – and that unmistakeable family-fête atmosphere.

Bois des Oiseaux

A bird sanctuary near the Dauphine roundabout, where you can admire cirl buntings, wrens, firecrests, linnets and another nearly 150 species in unspoilt natural surroundings – including grey herons venturing over to the banks of the lakes.

Getting there:

Metro: Porte-Dorée ot Château de Vincennes

Attractions and amenities:

- Play areas (Square de la Croix-Rouge near Lac Daumesnil, and Square de Saint-Mandé near Lac de Saint-Mandé)
- Roundabout
- Théâtre de Guignol (near Lac de Saint-Mandé)
- Cycling trails
- Rollerblading paths
- Horse-riding tracks
- Boat rides
- Deckchairs for hire
- Théâtre de la Cartoucherie
- Parc Floral
- Racecourse
- Ferme de Paris
- Buddhist temple
- Arboretum
- Guided tours
- Zoo

All about the Bois de Vincennes (in French)


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