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Jardin des Plantes

Jardin des Plantes

The gardens, greenhouses, menagerie, play area, refreshment areas and exhibits are a few of the attractions that you will find in this 17th-century royal garden – where even the trees have a story to tell.


Opened in 1635
235,000 sq m
This garden does not belong to the City of Paris: it is run by the French State.
Enquiries: +33(0)1 40 79 30 00. More info here 

Don’t miss

The natural-history museum, greenhouses, alpine garden, iris garden, rose garden, remarkable trees, and menagerie.

Getting there

- Place Valhubert, Rue Buffon, Rue Cuvier, Rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire (Paris 05)
- Metro: Gare d'Austerlitz, Jussieu or Place Monge

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Opening hours

See the detailed page here 


The Jardin des plantes website 


Things to do

The curtain-pruned plane trees skirting the alleys are only one of the sights that will thrill you in this stylish garden. The 500-metre vista of the greenhouses and Grande Galerie de l'Evolution is another. And there are the formal flowerbeds, a botany school showcasing 4,500 plants catalogued by family and genus, an alpine garden, greenhouses, a menagerie (the world’s oldest zoo), a maze, a rose bed, a mineral gallery, and more.

History trivia

The Jardin Royal des Plantes Médicinales was originally built in 1635 in Faubourg Saint-Victor, where the Bièvre river cut across rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire. The men behind the royal edict ordering its construction were Jean Hérouard (king Louis XIII’s head doctor) and Guy de la Brosse (his regular doctor).

It is one of France’s science labs. Buffon (1707-1788) and Daubenton (1716-1800) extended it and turned it into a proper research centre under Louis XVI. And it is still home to a natural-science school and laboratory, and to scientific communities.

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