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Any style, any size. Chtelet, the Thtre de la Ville and the Maison de la Posie are only three examples.

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Municipal theaters

The Chtelet  -inaugurated in 1862-, contemporary French plays at Thtre Paris Villette, young talent thrives at Vingtime Thtre or Thtre 13 :
enjoy shows, dance or singing in theatres of the City of Paris.

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The choice is famously vast ! From the famous Comedie franaise to the Cartoucherie or the very small Poche Montparnasse...
Any style, any size of theatre are in Paris !

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Theatres for children

Meet Guignol, the marionette that has been thrilling and chilling children since 1808 ! A French tradition very popular in Paris in gardens and theatres...

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Theatres for children

You want a play for the whole family ? Three theatres are dedicated to children and teenagers in Paris. Storytelling, music, puppet shows, cartoons, shadow shows...

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Small theatres

Farce and derision, picturesque little cabarets : the small theatres (cafs-theatres in French) are featuring comedians, singers and musicians.  Discover the chansonnier tradition....

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