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There are fourteen cemeteries in Paris proper, three of them Pre-Lachaise (in the east), Montmartre (in the north) and Montparnasse (in the south) particularly well known to lovers of history and old monuments.

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Cemeteries: opening hours and access conditions

Municipal cemeteries are open to the public at the following times:
- 8am – 6pm, from 16 March to 5 November. - 8am – 5.30pm, from 6 November to 15 March.

The gates open at 8.30am on Saturdays, and at 9am on Sundays and bank holidays.
No visitors are allowed in less than 15 minutes before closing time.
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All the cemeteries (in French)



Montmartre cemetery

The cemetery in northern Paris commonly referred to as “Montmartre cemetery” opened on 1 January 1825. It is a peaceful resting place set in a rolling landscape.

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cimetiere du Père Lachaise

The cemetery in eastern Paris commonly referred to as “Père-Lachaise cemetery” is the city’s most prestigious and most widely-visited. To date, one million people have been buried there, and it is visited by more than two million people annually. Free entrance.

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Montparnasse cemetery

With a surface area of 19 hectares, Montparnasse cemetery – which was opened in 1824 – is the second-largest in Paris proper. It is also one of the city’s main green spaces.

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