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Montmartre cemetery

Montmartre cemetery

The cemetery in northern Paris commonly referred to as “Montmartre cemetery” opened on 1 January 1825. It is a peaceful resting place set in a rolling landscape.

This cemetery , which is almost 11 hectares in size, is shaded by some 750 trees – essentially maples, as well as a small number of thuyas, chestnut trees, and lime trees.

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A little history:

Gypsum quarry and mass grave

This peaceful resting place set in a rolling landscape, where Berlioz liked to stroll, is popular with Parisians today. Such, however, was not always the case, since the site has a rather sinister past. In the 18th century, the land now occupied by the cemetery provided access to gypsum quarries, of which there were many in the area.

During the French Revolution, the abandoned quarries were used as mass graves for those killed during riots – including several hundred Swiss Guards killed defending the Tuileries on 10 August 1792.
With all cemeteries within the walls now closed, this new burial ground – named initially Cimetière des Grandes-Carrières (“cemetery of the large quarries”) and later Cimetière de la Barrière-Blanche (“cemetery of the white barrier”) – became the sombre resting place of many a Parisian.

From “cemetery below Montmartre” to “Montmartre cemetery”

Determined to put an end to this situation, the City of Paris purchased a plot slightly larger than a hectare from Sieur Aymé in 1798, the aim being to ensure that decent cemetery facilities were made available to the residents of a portion of Paris’s right bank. This official cemetery, which was various referred to as Champ du Repos (“field of rest”) and Cimetière sous Montmartre (“cemetery below Montmartre”) was soon full, and a new cemetery ten times its size was created during the urban development programme of 1818  1824. This was to become the Montmartre cemetery that we know today.

Useful information

Cimetière Montmartre
 20, avenue Rachel
75018 Paris
Tel.: +33(0)1 53 42 36 30
Metro: Blanche or Place de Clichy
Buses: 95, 80, 74, 54 or 30

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