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Parisian swimming pools: the hygiene rules to be respected

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Do you know the hygiene rules which have to be respected in swimming pools, the dress code, have you remembered your swimming cap? And watch a video of a swimming pool being cleaned.

What are the rules to be respected in Parisian swimming pools ?

Rules for bathers

Wearing a swimming cap is compulsory for hygiene reasons. It is also useful for protecting hair from chlorine and reducing the amount of hair floating in the water and blocking the filters.
It is also compulsory to wear a swimming costume. No swimming trunks, shorts or Bermuda shorts, in order to reduce the number of germs coming in from outside.
Respecting these rules helps to maintain water quality and keep the pools clean. Cleaner water makes it possible to use fewer water-treatment products and to be more respectful of the environment.

The bathers’ circuit

By maintaining personal hygiene, bathers also help to maintain the quality of the water. To do this, swimming pool users must respect the bathers’ circuit.
Before you go swimming, consider not sharing your germs with others (colds, sore throats, athlete’s foot, etc.). Be patient, once you are better you can go back!

At the pool
Do not wear shoes. Respect the areas for walking with and without shoes. Get undressed in the changing rooms and then put on a clean swimming costume. Put on a swimming cap. Leave your belongings in the changing rooms. Go to the toilet. Have a proper shower with soap. Do not keep your make-up on. Walk through the footbath (shallow basing for washing your feet)

Other rules

Please: do not run, do not eat and do not smoke by the pool.
What is the City of Paris doing?
-Every day
The water is processed in a closed circuit. The chloramine levels are monitored. New water is added from an external source (minimum 30 litres per bather). The equipment is ventilated. The floor surfaces are cleaned several times, with a deep cleaning every Monday morning.
-Every week
The filters are washed.
-Every month
A sample is taken by the City of Paris Health Department and is analysed by a State-approved laboratory. The results are displayed in the swimming pool entrance hall.
-During the year
The water is changed at least twice and the pool is fully brushed, cleaned and disinfected.

Video of the cleaning of a swimming pool

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