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How to find accommodation in Paris ?

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Tips and advice on how to find a flat easily in Paris. With the list of documents to give the owner for leases, and legal advice.

Specialised websites

The Internet is essential today for finding accommodation in Paris.

- Adele
The Association pour le développement du logement étudiant (association for the development of student accommodation) website. It contains all sorts of practical advice for finding accommodation, the list of halls of residence in Paris and is a mine of information:

For those who are looking for a flat-share:

- Ma Piaule
Classifieds and practical advice:

- Sergic
Easy-to-use search engine:

- PAP and Se loger
Big names in the private property market in Paris: and

Estate agents

Estate agents provide this service at a cost: you must pay an average of one month of rent in commission to the estate agent. It provides ads of rooms to let and draws up the lease. Many private estate agents operate in Paris.

Practical information: documents required for the lease

When visiting a flat/room which interests you, take the following documents with you (documents often compulsory):
-a photocopy of your identity papers (identity card, passport),
-your three most recent pay slips (if you are employed) or those of your guarantor,
-proof of address for your guarantor (electricity bill, council tax notice, etc.).

Other documents may also be requested:
-your most recent tax notice or that of your guarantor,
-your student card or a certificate of university attendance, if you are already enrolled  (that of the previous year if you do not yet have the new ones),
-your residence permit, if you have one,
-a photocopy of your guarantor’s identity papers,
-a certificate from your employer or that of your guarantor,
-a photocopy of property tax or council tax notice if your guarantor owns a property,
-your R.I.B (relevé d’identité bancaire – bank details),
-rent receipts from the last flat your rented.
These documents must be provided for yourself and your flatmate or partner if you are moving in together, and for your guarantor(s).

Caution! To sign the lease agreement, you must have an insurance certificate for the flat you are going to rent. If you are a student, compare prices between the student “mutuelles” and the various insurance companies.

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