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Housing: financial assistance

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Here are the main financial assistance schemes offered to Parisians for housing in the capital. There are many options for assistance.

The Caisse d’allocations familiales (C.A.F. – family allowance office) grants tenants a benefit to help rent payments. This benefit is means-tested. Several benefits exist (allocation de logement sociale (social housing allowance), aide personnalisée au logement (personalised housing allowance), allocation de logement familiale (family housing allowance), etc.). The CAF will allocate the most favourable allowance for you according to your entitlements. The formalities are simple and you only have a declaration to send. The amount of allowance is calculated according to your income, the type of housing and the rent. You can calculate your entitlements on the CAF website.

The Loca-pass is comprised of an advance which covers the security deposit and is paid directly to the landlord and of a guarantee of payment for rent and service charges. The joint and several guarantee is valid three years and covers up to eighteen monthly rent payments if the tenant cannot pay. The scheme is open to students with government scholarships and job seekers under 30 years of age or people with a fixed-term employment contract of at least three months at the time of application, etc. 

The Prêt Paris Logement 0% (0% housing loan for Paris)

- Paris City Hall has set up the Prêt Paris Logement 0 % (PPL), a zero-interest loan granted by banks which have signed an agreement with City Hall to fund the acquisition of property by a Parisian household. The société d’économie mixte de la Ville de Paris (S.I.E.M.P. - a semi-public company involving Paris City Hall, along with private capital) also offers a range of services for property owners to incite them to rent out any vacant property. Paris also contributes to the Fonds de solidarité pour le logement (F.S.L. – solidarity fund for housing), a national financial assistance scheme for persons in difficulty.

- Paris logement familles (family housing in Paris) helps families with at least two children or a disabled child considered as a dependent for tax calculations, in order to lighten the burden of housing expenses. It should also be noted that there is also financial assistance to improve a property or bonuses for moving homes. Find out more on the conditions of entitlement.

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