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Accommodation for foreign students

Etudiants de Paris
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A roof over everyone’s head: requesting a room in halls, obtaining financial assistance… Find out all the options available to students to stay in Paris in the best conditions.

A room in halls or private accommodation?

Halls of residence are managed by the Centre régional des œuvres universitaires (C.R.O.U.S. – Regional students’ welfare office). They are one of the most inexpensive accommodation solutions in the capital, but places are limited. Priority is given to students with scholarships from the French government or from certain States which have signed agreements with France. You may also try to apply for a room at the Cité internationale universitaire in Paris. Note: its privileged environment makes it a much sought-after solution.

» Consult the admission conditions for the Cité internationale (in English) 


Private student halls of residence

More expensive and sometimes more comfortable, private student halls of residence may also offer rooms. Otherwise, you will have to find accommodation by your own means in private property. The C.R.O.U.S. may inform you of ads, but finding a place to live can be an arduous task. You must justify your income (generally three times the price of rent) and usually propose a guarantor (i.e. someone who undertakes to pay your rent if you default). When renting, you must subscribe to an insurance policy. On top of this, rent is quite expensive. Think about flat-sharing, staying with a French family or in student hostels. Organisations such as ÉduFrance offer services to help you find accommodation at a cost.

Assistance for paying your rent

Find out about the two financial assistance schemes: the allocation de logement sociale (A.L.S. - social housing allowance) and the aide personnalisée au logement (A.P.L. - personalised housing allowance). They may be allocated to foreign nationals with a valid residence permit. You can calculate the amount of these allowances on the Caisse d’allocation familiale (C.A.F.- family allowance office) website. The Loca-pass system may also provide assistance.

Paris City Hall created three thousand new social housing solutions for students in 6 years and has enabled the C.R.O.U.S in Paris to increase its housing offer by more than 100%. City Hall also grants fifteen housing scholarships each year to young foreign nationals studying in Paris universities or prestigious graduate schools. Applications must be made in March or April, information (conditions, applications) is published on the City Hall website at this time of year.

The CROUS “Logement en ville” (housing in the city) service

This department of the CROUS acts as an intermediary between property owners and students for the letting of rooms, studio flats or two-roomed flats. It also passes on ads from the Société d’économie mixte de la ville (a semi-public company involving Paris City Hall, along with private capital) and the Le Richemont HLM (social housing) company, which have signed partnerships with the CROUS to offer flats and flat-shares to students with scholarships based on social welfare criteria.

This service is free of charge and ads can be consulted 7 days a week on the Internet terminals in the CROUS foyer :
39 Avenue Georges-Bernanos 75005 Paris
RER B Port-Royal

Consult the CROUS housing service 

The website "Etudiant de Paris" gives you useful information about accomodation in Paris :

» Etudiant de Paris (in English) 

Useful information about accomodation here (Campus France) 




They put property owners and students in contact for a small fee, less than what is charged by agencies. Their ads can usually be consulted in their offices.

 Some associations:

Comité local pour le logement autonome des jeunes (local committee for independent housing for young people):
Tour Sapporo, les Olympiades, 70 Rue du Javelot 75013 Paris. Tel: (00) (33) 1 45 84 77 34.

Cllaj website 

Union nationale des étudiants locataires (UNEL – national union of student tenants): 
21 Rue du Val-de-Grâce, 75005 Paris. Tel: (00) (33) 1 40 46 86 73.

Service d’entraides communautés chrétiennes universitaires (support service for Christian academic communities):
5 Rue de l’Abbaye, 75006 Paris. Tel: (00) (33) 1 55 42 81 23

Students’ hostels

Open to all without means testing, these hostels offer mostly furnished rooms, sometimes studio flats, at prices which are slightly under the market price. Be aware of admission conditions: some are mixed, others single-sex, most have age limits. The Union nationale des maisons d'étudiants (national union of student hostels) lists hostels in Paris, with their admission conditions and the services they offer but applications must be sent to each hostel separately.

Union nationale des maisons d’étudiants (national union of student hostels)
2 Rue de la Roquette, 75011 Paris. Tel.: (00) (33) 1 48 05 73 62

More info here 


Mutuelles (complementary insurance schemes)

Student complementary insurance schemes (SMEREP and LDME) offer help in finding accommodation (classifieds, forums and partnerships).

The LMDE offers information : LMDE website


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