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Health and social welfare: services in Paris

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In Paris, healthcare is a priority. Hospitals, prevention centres, centres for healthcare and social welfare, etc. Find all the info here.

What is social welfare?

Social welfare means all the collective contingency systems which enable each person to cope with the financial consequences of certain situations (retirement, sickness, disability, unemployment, maternity, etc.).
In France, these systems are organised into four levels: Social Security which offers basic coverage of risks (sickness, maternity, etc.), complementary schemes which may offer additional coverage (pensions for private sector employees, complementary health coverage, etc.), U.N.E.D.I.C which manages the unemployment insurance system and lastly State and département social welfare benefits for the most underprivileged.
If you declare your work, you are entitled to Social Security benefits. Foreign nationals whose papers are not in order are entitled to the Aide médicale de l’Etat (A.M.E – State medical benefit) which covers healthcare expenses and fixed-rate hospital fees in their entirety. The Couverture maladie universelle (C.M.U – Universal health coverage) enables underprivileged people to benefit from Social Security assistance for their healthcare expenses. It also offers the Couverture maladie complémentaire (C.M.U.C – complementary coverage) for those with very low incomes.

» Consult the "Social security registration"document PDF (622 Ko)

Healthcare, a priority in Paris

Paris has an efficient healthcare network and offers quality care in a variety of fields. 
Primarily, the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (A.P-H.P – health and social security services and Paris hospitals) manages 37 hospitals and hospital complexes. The majority are in Paris. It is the largest public-sector healthcare institution in Europe.

» Consult the map of A.P-HP hospitals

Paris also has several centres adapted to various needs: mother and child care centres (protection maternelle et infantile  - P.M.I), family planning and sex education centres, health and social welfare centres and anonymous and free screening centres (C.D.A.G).


- In each arrondissement, PMI centres provide preventive healthcare to future mothers and children under 6 years of age and offer psychosocial support.

- Family planning and sex education centres are reception centres which offer guidance and advice to women, couples and teenagers on sex matters, methods of contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

- Health and social welfare centres offer a free-of-charge service to people in difficulty, and screening and prevention consultations.


 The George Eastman dental healthcare centre in the 13th arrondissement provides care for young Parisians under 18 years of age:

11 Rue George Eastman 75013 Paris
Tel: 01 44 97 88 88

Goutte d'Or and Epée de Bois

- In the Goutte-d’Or district (18th arrondissement), the Pôle Santé health centre offers a range of services for children at no cost. Among these services: education psychology centres for schoolchildren with difficulties and also medical consultations (general medicine, dermatology):

16-18 Rue Cavé 75018 Paris
Tel: 01 53 09 94 10

- The Epée de Bois health centre in the 5th arrondissement offers specialised medical consultations by appointment (ophthalmology, gynaecology, dental surgery, acupuncture, etc.), general medical consultations with or without appointment and nursing care:

3 Rue de l'Epée de Bois 75005 Paris
Tel : 01 45 35 85 83

Psychological and social assistance for children

If your child is having difficulties at school, if his/her behaviour is worrying you, the specialists in the twelve centres d’adaptation psychopédagogique (CAPP - educational psychology centres) may be able to help you.

The 11 general CAPP centres:

- 15 Rue Neuve-St-Pierre 75004 Paris - Tel.:
- 3 Rue Omer Talon 75011 Paris - Tel.:
- 21 Rue de Lamblardie 75012 Paris - Tel.:
- 28 Rue Dombasle 75015 Paris - Tel.:
- 17 Avenue Théophile Gautier 75016 Paris - Tel.:
- 19 Rue André-Bréchet 75017 Paris - Tel.:
- 16/18 Rue Cavé 75018 Paris - Tel.:
- 50 Av Mathurin-Moreau 75019 Paris - Tel.:
- 3 bis Rue de Cambrai 75019 Paris - Tel.:
- 70 Rue des Panoyaux 75020 Paris - Tel.: 01 58 53 53 20
- 28 Rue Paul Meurice 75020 Paris - Tel.:

- The specialised psychological adaptation centre (testing and assisting the integration of children with sensory deficiencies):

37 Bd St Marcel 75013 Paris

These services are free of charge for those covered by the Couverture maladie universelle (C.M.U –universal medical coverage), basic health insurance for all. The State pays directly for those covered by Social Security.

Prevention and screening centres

- Paris has many prevention and screening centres. It has eleven anonymous and free screening centres (C.D.A.G) for HIV (AIDS) and also ten vaccination centres.

Free screening centres (HIV...)  (French version)

- A tumour prevention and screening centre in the 13th arrondissement is comprised of a team of professionals which welcome you and offer free consultations by appointment. Women living in Paris aged between 50 and 69 who have not had a mammography in the last two years are entitled to come for free screening:
Freephone number: 0 800 10 50 32

For smokers who wish to kick the habit, there are many centres where you can visit a specialist in tobacco addiction: municipal or private centres, associations or A.P-H.P hospitals and institutions.

- The Saint-Dominique cardiovascular prevention centre in the 7th arrondissement offers free consultation on cardiovascular diseases by appointment.

109 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris
(on the premises of the Saint-Dominique health centre)

Telephone number for appointments: 01 45 51 81 89

Days and times:
- Monday, Thursday, Friday from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm
- Tuesday, Wednesday from 8.30am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm

Prevention and assistance of cancer issues

- For all persons directly or indirectly affected by the cancer, Accueil cancer de la Ville de Paris centres (A.C.V.P – Paris City Hall cancer reception centres) provide advice and psychological support:

» Consult the list of cancer reception centres

- Cancer Info Service answers all your questions on the disease:

Tel: 0810 810 821 (price of a local call)

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