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Budget participatif 2015
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Parisians have their say on the City’s future projects


[14/01/15] The 2015 Paris participatory budget is underway. 

Yesterday at Paris City Hall, Mayor Hidalgo and Deputy Mayor Pauline Veron unveiled a new website entitled Madame la Maire, I’ve got an idea enabling Parisians to submit their own ideas on which projects the City should finance in 2015. Once received, the ideas will be studied in terms of their feasibility and narrowed down to a shortlist which will be submitted to a public vote in June 2015. The most popular projects will then be funded with a 75 million euro budget envelope representing 5% of the city’s investment budget. A record amount for a participatory budgeting project of this kind anywhere, year-on-year this 5% will amount to 426 million euros for the selected projects over the course of the current mayoral mandate.

“The message is clear: Paris belongs to the Parisians,” commented Mayor Hidalgo during the presentation in front of 800 local democracy activists. Pauline Veron, deputy mayor in charge of local democracy and citizen participation, specified that all ideas submitted would be studied closely and receive a response from the City.


The participatory budget is open to all Parisians, regardless of age and nationality and ideas can be submitted on the dedicated website www.idee.paris.fr until 15th March. Ideas can be for citywide projects, local neighbourhood projects, or projects covering one or several arrondissements of Paris. By way of example, a citywide project could purchasing tablets for the city’s schools, a neighbourhood project might propose enhancing the street-lighting in a particular street or renovating a playground in a square, and a multi-arrondissement project could focus on modifying a crossroads or stretch of road shared by two or more arrondissements.


The participatory budget calendar

14th January – 15th March: Parisians submit and co-develop their projects Each Parisian can submit their idea on www.idee.paris.fr The proposal is then open for discussion and other Parisians can either demonstrate their approval of the idea by sharing it and discussing it on social media, suggesting modifications or alerting the idea’s author to similar projects which could be combined with it. Workshops are available for those who want to get more information or discuss their ideas before submitting them.

15th March – 31st May: the municipality studies the feasibility of the ideas Once the proposal is sufficiently developed, the idea is submitted to the City of Paris for a feasibility study and cost assessment. The result of this study is published on the website.

June: the shortlist of ideas to be voted revealed Anne Hidalgo and Pauline Veron will reveal which of the ideas are on the shortlist for voting. A presentation will be available online untiol September and the local and arrondissement projects will be presented in the arrondissements themselves.

September: a vote will be held for the Parisians to choose their favourite projects.




The 2014 Paris participatory budget
In September 2014, over 40,000 Parisians voted on which of 15 projects proposed by Paris City Hall should feature as part of a 20 million euro investment package earmarked for participatory budgeting by the Mayor. Nine projects were chosen and, following the Paris Council’s validation of the 2015 budget, these projects are currently under development. In descending order of popularity, the projects are:
1. Vertical wall gardens / 2M euros / 21,319 votes
2. Growing gardens in schools / 1M euros/ 20,302 votes
3. Urban renewal projects bridging the périphérique to link Paris with its neighbours /1.5M euros / 18,579 votes
4. Neighbourhood recycling centres / 1M euros / 17,198 votes
5. Coworking spaces for students and entrepreneurs / 2M euros / 14,542 votes
6. Renovation of 33 park bandstands and concert scheduling / 3.7M euros / 14,056 votes
7. Use of 20 temporary barrier-protected child play areas in certain streets / 1.5M euros / 13,140 votes
8. Dedicated urban sports grounds for ball games and exercising / 2M euros / 10,544 votes
9. Commissioning and installation of street art to enhance neighbourhoods / 3M euros / 8734 votes


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