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Paris supporting car-share services


As part of a drive to improve air quality in the capital, the City of Paris has announced the allocation of over 200 new parking spaces for shared vehicles

Mayor Hidalgo has made the fight against road traffic pollution a priority of her term in office. Combining incentives for individuals and professionals with restrictions on the most polluting vehicles, she is implementing an unprecedented plan of action to improve air quality in the city. This week, the Mayor, alongside Deputy Mayor Christophe Najdovski, announced the latest steps they are taking towards a less polluted Paris.





226 on-street parking spaces for shared vehicles


Already well-established in New York, London and Montreal, shared car rental services are not yet popular amongst the general public in the French capital. To improve the visibility and accessibility of these services, the City of Paris has decided to reserve 226 on-road parking spaces for companies developing this service. 


Following a call for applications, 6 companies were selected: Bluecarsharing, Communauto, Ier, Keylib, Ubeeqo and Zipcar. These companies will share 113 on-street stations, each with space for two cars, and which will work alongside the current offer of shared transport options (Vélib', Autolib', Utilib' and Cityscoot).


To meet the needs of all road users, several different types of vehicles are available for rent, including city cars, saloons, people carriers and vans. They all comply with the City of Paris' anti-pollution plan, notably by offering non-diesel low emission engines.  






Shared utility vehicles for the craftspeople and traders of Montorgueil


As a complement to the current fleet of Utilib’ vehicles, the City also plans to test a vehicle-sharing scheme aimed at traders, retailers and craftspeople. A trial scheme for professional use will take place shortly in the Montorgueil district (2nd arrondissement).


The City will identify parking spaces for this trial period and equip them with charging stations, while two car manufacturers will provide 12 light utility vehicles for the use of local business owners. 200 volunteer producers and retailers will be recruited to participate in this test phase, which will begin in early 2016.


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