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Grants and requests for proposals

Daniela Ventrelli, lauréate de Research in Paris
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Each year, the City of Paris launches several requests for proposals in a variety of areas. The best candidates receive prizes in the form of subsidies or direct aid.

To keep up with the news (calendar, winners…) about requests for proposals from the City of Paris, consult the “Professionals” section (in French).

“Research in Paris”

Each year the City of Paris offers a selective programme to welcome foreign researchers - post-doctoral and senior - into public research laboratories in Paris (Paris intra muros) for a limited period.
The aim of this programme is to facilitate new, lasting co-operations and strengthen the existing co-operations between research centres in major foreign cities and Paris.
Welcoming foreign researchers is one of the priorities of municipal policy in favour of research. Encouraging international exchanges and researcher mobility promotes dynamism and extends the influence of Parisian research.

More info here 



Are you putting together a research team in a new field? Are you building a multi-disciplinary young team? Discover the "Emergence(s)" programme, a fully digitised request for proposals at Next session in March 2012.
The City of Paris has created the “Emergences” programme to support Parisian teams of scientists who want to explore new fields of research. 10 award-winning projects were selected in 2009 by the Science Council of the City of Paris to receive annual funding of a maximum of €100 000 per project, over three years.
The “Emergences” programme is open to all disciplines, including medical research, and will be the subject of a fully digitised request for proposals early in the year. Rules for "Emergences" call for projects : » All the information (pdf) 

The following are eligible for this request for proposals: researchers from all disciplines who defended their thesis under ten years ago. Scientific quality, originality, interdisciplinarity, innovation and risk-taking are the main selection criteria of the jury of scientific experts who are in charge of examining applications.

Contact : Jean Cambou (DDEEES – BRSU)

“Paris 2030”
Is your research about Paris and its future? Discover “Paris 2030”, a fully digitised request for research proposals at, open to all public laboratories and research times. The next launch is planned for May 2011. In 2010, between 6 and 10 research projects of a duration of two years were supported, with up to €40 000 allocated per project.
The “Paris 2030” programme is aimed at researchers whose work contributes to the advancement of knowledge about Paris and helps outline the metropolis of the future, the Paris of tomorrow.
Indeed, the City of Paris wishes to draw on researchers’ capacities for analysis to question, compare, and shed new light on the things that make up Paris: its social diversity, its urban composition, its economic, tourist, political and cultural dynamic, its biodiversity, history, legacies and transformations.

Grand Prix for Innovation

The City of Paris Grand Prix for Innovation, designed and organised by Paris Développement, is aimed at rewarding innovative business plans in the field of sustainable development: this concerns the sectors of biotechnologies, information and communication technologies, and environmental technologies.
Accelerate your business’ creative cycle by winning one of the 5 prizes of €15 000 and joining one of the City of Paris’ incubators.
5 prize categories in the following areas:
- Digital
- Health
- Design
- Eco innovations
- Innovative services
Next session in 2011.
Contact :

Panammes 2009-2014: experimentation zone

The Panammes project enables all businesses to experiment with new services and innovative projects in the Paris area, with users in mind.
The Panammes project is the result of a collaboration between the City of Paris and the prestigious scientific and hospital institutions of the Institute of Vision, Les Quinze Vingt Hospital and the University of Pierre and Marie Curie.
Created by the City of Paris in partnership with the Île-de-France Region, the Panammes project prefigures the missions of the Paris Region Innovation Laboratory.
Name: Emmanuel Gutman, Development Manager
Telephone: 01 53 46 26 21 - Email: 

Grants for research on xenophobia and anti-Semitism

The City of Paris has created two research grants in the area of xenophobia and anti-Semitism. Worth €15 000 each, they are awarded each year to one French applicant and one foreign applicant who have distinguished themselves by the quality of their research project.
The City of Paris’ commitment to fighting xenophobia and anti-Semitism is constant and translates into many information and education campaigns, exhibitions, events and commemorations on a daily basis.  
Next applications: Autumn 2011. To find out more:

City of Paris Gender Studies Prize
Each year the City of Paris awards a prize of €5000 for the best Parisian thesis on gender issues.
Applications must be made online on the page, where you can find the full rules and a Q&A. They will be evaluated by experts appointed by the Science Council of the City of Paris.
To be eligible, young French or foreign university students must have defended their thesis:
- at a Parisian higher education and research establishment
-  under 5 years ago 
The result is announced on
All the information at and here 

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