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To support businesses in their start-up, growth and maturity phases, Paris offers several accommodation options for entrepreneurs.

At the start-up phase: start-up incubators and business developers incubators

A start-up incubator is a structure that supports business start-ups, helping take them from the initial idea to the creation and consolidation of a structured project.
Business development incubators are aimed at people with business start-up projects and businesses that are already validated by a support structure.

At the development phase: nurseries

These are structures that provide reception, accommodation, assistance and support for start-ups. 
The business nursery is located downstream of the incubator. It corresponds to the company’s commercial launch and development phase.

Business clusters
The City of Paris has 26 business clusters. Also known as business development centres, these facilities provide businesses with business premises at prices to suit their financial capacities.

Directory of business accommodation structures


- Advancia
An incubator for original projects that create jobs, part of the CCIP (Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
Montmartre site: 39, avenue Trudaine - 75009 PARIS - Tel: 01 49 70 61 00
Champerret site: 8, avenue de la Porte de Champerret - 75017 PARIS - Tel: 01 44 09 31 00

-Paris Pionnières
This is devoted to supporting women starting up businesses in the sector of personal and business services. This association was the first incubator to receive ISO 9001/2000 certification, a quality standard that recognises team structure, drafting of a project manager’s charter, development of a specific methodology and provision of specially adapted tools.
26, rue du Chemin Vert - 75011 Paris
Tel: 33 01 44 88 57 70 - Fax: 33 01 44 88 57 71

- Paris Innovation Bourse
This incubator supports innovative businesses in their development on a surface are of 800 m2. Since its creation, a hundred or so companies with 800 jobs have been accommodated here.
5, rue d'Uzes - 75002 Paris
Tel. 01 40 13 53 00 - Fax 01 40 13 53 01

- The Ateliers de Paris incubator
Unique in France in the art, fashion and design sector, it covers a surface area of 200 m2 with capacity to accommodate seven businesses or projects at once. The young residents are generally graduates from schools of applied arts, fashion and design. “Extra-mural” follow-up is offered at the end to consolidate the new business’ acquired knowledge.
30, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine - 75012 Paris
Tel: 01 44 73 83 50

- Le Camping

Le Camping is a six month accelerator programm for startups. It can help turn your start-up idea into reality. Gain access to 40 great mentors and a fantastic workspace, in the former Paris Stock Exchange. More info 

- Sciences Po Entrepreneurs

The Sciences Po Entrepreneurs incubator is the final link in the educational chain of the Sciences Po Paris school. The structure facilitates business creation by providing advice and material and financial support to young graduates or students with an average age of 25.
41 Rue du Four
75006 Paris
Tel: 01 45 49 55 36

Knowledge transfer incubators in Paris
- Agoranov
This public sector incubator is geared towards engineering, digital and life sciences. It supports businesses in areas such as video digitisation and product freshness traceability.
3, rue Castex - 75004 PARIS
Tel: 01 44 18 07 15
- Paris Biotech Santé
The incubator for innovative businesses exclusively dedicated to human health is based at the Paris 5 Faculty of Medicine and supports business start-up projects in the fields of medications, medical equipment and patient services. Since 2006, Paris Biotech Santé has been in charge of running the Paris Santé Cochin business nursery.
Faculté de médecine Cochin Port Royal
24, rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques - 75014 Paris
Tel. /fax. 01 44 41 25 78

- Institute of Vision
The University of Pierre and Marie Curie, the INSERM and the Quinze-Vingts Hospital Centre (specialising in sight disorders) have teamed up to create the Institute of Vision, a European centre for research, treatment and technology transfer. The incubator has 2000 m2 of space available for 15 new businesses or projects.

Contact :

Céline Griener- Incubator Manager
17, rue Moreau
75012 Paris
Tel.: 01 53 46 26 87 

- ParisTech Entrepreneurs
This incubator is part of Télécom ParisTech and was originally designed to promote the incubation of information and communication technology projects from the school. Today it is open to projects from all the schools in the ParisTech group, and accommodates fifteen or so businesses on an ongoing basis.
9, rue Dareau - 75014 PARIS
Tel: 01 45 81 79 80

Business development incubators
GEAI (Groupement d'entrepreneurs accompagnés individuellement, Group of Individually Supported Entrepreneurs). Concerns all types of projects, except construction and public works, and businesses with specific insurance issues.
95, Boulevard Voltaire - 75011 Paris
Tel. 01 43 55 09 48 - Fax. 01 47 00 89 89

Nurseries run by Paris Développement :

- Paris Innovation Réunion
This multimedia business nursery offers a surface area of 2 200 m2 for twenty or so innovative new businesses in sectors geared towards the production of digital content and related applications (video games, animation, communication multimedia, knowledge industry). The surface areas on offer range from 30 to 110 m2, including a whole range of services.
80-80 bis rue des haies- 75020 Paris
Tel: 01 55 25 75 76

- Paris Innovation Masséna / Crimée
Composed of two sites, Crimée and Massena, this nursery specialises in digital technologies: telecoms, networks, software, internet… It is home to forty or so businesses in a space of around 5 000 m2. Private offices from 40 to 350 m2 are on offer, along with logistical services and personal support.
Crimée: 204 rue de Crimée - 75019 PARIS - Tel: 01 55 26 42 00
Berlier: 15 rue J.B. Berlier - 75013 PARIS - Tel: 01 55 43 75 00
- Paris Innovation République
Near to Place de la République, this 1 000 m2 nursery specialises in ICT’s, creation and design. It offers accommodation, technical infrastructures and tailored support, with private offices ranging from 20 to 90 m2.
18, rue du Faubourg du Temple - 75011 Paris
Tel.  01 47 00 12 34 - Fax. 01 47 00 15 14

- Paris Innovation Finance
This business nursery dedicated to innovative finance offers a surface area of 900 m2 for ten or so innovative new businesses in the field of finance: innovative financial services, ICT’s and technology applied to finance, sustainable development, etc. Private offices from 15 to 35 m2, including a whole range of services, are on offer, along with personal support. Paris Innovation Finance will welcome its first businesses in October 2010.
5 rue d'Uzès - 75002 Paris
Tel: 01 49 27 56 19
- Business nursery run by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP):
The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry serves 380 000 businesses in Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne. It works in many areas connected with economic and business life.
More information:

- Paris Innovation Soleillet
The aim of this nursery is to host and facilitate the creation and development of innovative SME - SMI’s in the capital. The Paris Soleillet nursery provides accommodation and support for over 40 businesses.
14, rue Soleillet - 75971 Paris Cedex 20
Tel.  01 40 33 79 00 - Fax. 01 43 58 14 15
- Nursery run by Paris Biotech Santé:  Paris Santé Cochin
This business nursery, the result of a partnership between the City of Paris and the Assistance Publique/Hôpitaux de Paris (the Paris hospitals authority), the University of Paris 5 and the region, is located in Cochin Hospital. Its surface area of 3 300 m2 is dedicated to new businesses working in research or development in the biomedical sector. The nursery coordinates its activities with the "Paris Biotech Santé" incubator.
Paris Santé Cochin (at Cochin Hospital)
27, rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques – 75014 Paris

Business clusters

- Paris Innovation Biopark
A cluster reserved for biotechnology businesses. Located near to the new University of Paris 7 campus, Paris Biopark offers 18 000 m2 of laboratory space with room for over 700 people, with private plug & play areas, technical rooms, logistics services and connections with the Healthcare community. A 13 000 m2 office building completes the group.
5 rue Watt - 75013 Paris
Contact: Sophie Sorin-Guichon - SAGI - 1, Boulevard de la Madeleine - 75001 Paris
Tel: 01 55 04 66 24

-Paris Innovation Vauvenargues
This 3 300 m2 multi-sector cluster is dedicated in particular to creation and image, as it is near to Plaine Saint-Denis and the Entrepôts et Magasins Généraux de Paris (EMGP).
139, bd Ney - 75018 Paris
Contact:  Sophie Sorin-Guichon - SAGI - 1, Boulevard de la Madeleine - 75001 Paris
Tel: 01 55 04 66 24

-Paris Innovation Losserand
This business cluster, converted from an EDF plant provides a space of 6 000 m2, or 16 private lots of 230 to 560 m2, for a wide range SME-SMI’s connected with information and communication technologies.
168bis-170, rue Raymond Losserand - 75014 PARIS
Contact:  Sophie Sorin-Guichon - SAGI - 1, Boulevard de la Madeleine - 75001 Paris
Tel: 01 55 04 66 24

-Paris Innovation Brûlon-Cîteaux
Located near Faubourg Saint Antoine with a surface area of around 4 240 m2, this cluster enables traditional art and design businesses to cohabit with high-tech businesses.
8, passage Brûlon - 75012 Paris
Contact:  Thierry Girodon - RIVP - 01 77 75 42 30

-Paris Innovation Belleville

This fully renovated building is dedicated to innovative new businesses, especially in the digital sectors. Located in the 20th arrondissement in Paris, Paris Innovation Belleville is a new addition to the Paris property offer. It is dedicated to innovation and offers a favourable reception for start-ups leaving incubators or nurseries, and all innovative new companies, French or foreign, that want to set up in Paris.
It is home to the Paris Region Innovation Laboratory, which helps project developers to experiment with their innovations, prototypes, services and technologies in real-life conditions in the urban area.
24, rue de l’Est – Paris 20e
Metro Jourdain, Pyrénées (line 11) or Gambetta (line 3)
Contact: RIVP
Tel.: 01 77 75 22 31


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